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18 August 2008

Free game : Star Wars Republic Commando

A well-paced, albeit brief, single-player campaign will keep adrenaline junkies thrilled from the first dropship landing to the final dust-off.

Star Wars Republic Commando, as the title suggests, puts you in the shoes of an elite trooper during the height of the Clone Wars. You don't have a proper name, aside from "Three-Eight," but nonetheless, you're tasked with commanding Delta squad on tough covert ops stretched across three different campaigns. The three other commandos of Delta are also numbered. They are: 07, 40, and 62. Despite the impersonal monikers, each member of your squad has a very unique and likable personality, and this comes across through the entertaining chatter each will dispense over the course of the game.

Free download PC game : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Prisoner of Azkaban is a great game for younger kids, and it's fun for less-discriminating older fans of Harry Potter too.

The Dementors are coming and this time Harry needs his friends. From the opening scene on the Hogwarts Express to the climatic finale on the shore of the great lake at Hogwarts, the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban videogame immerses the player in the world of Harry Potter. Play as Harry, Ron and Hermione, fly the hippogriff high above the grounds of Hogwarts, and utilize newly-learned spells face the dreaded Azkaban guards.

Harry's third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is beset by Sirius Black, the murderous wizard who is said to have betrayed Harry's parents to their deaths at the hands of the evil Lord Voldemort. Having recently escaped from the wizard prison Azkaban, Black is hot on young Harry's trail and presumably looking to finish the job he started more than a decade earlier. Of course, there's a lot more to the story than that, as anyone who has read the book or seen the movie can attest, although the game glosses over most of the major plot details in favor of playable sequences that aren't in the original storyline. The game feels like a companion piece to the book or film, as if you're expected to have gone through one or the other prior to playing the game--and presumably, just about anybody who's going to play this game already has.

The gameplay here is a straightforward point-and-click affair. You'll control Harry, Ron, or Hermione (as the game dictates) through a series of dungeonlike action levels with equally light combat and puzzle-solving elements. The controls really couldn't be simpler: You move around with the standard WASD configuration, jump with the right mouse button, and cast spells with the left mouse button. Spellcasting is context-sensitive, so you merely point your wand at an object, and the game will figure out which spell you need to cast. This design is charming in its simplicity, as you can run around zapping enemies, pushing blocks, and magically flinging yourself across chasms without ever so much as fiddling with a menu. It takes most of the guesswork out of figuring out the proper course of action in a given situation, which is largely what makes the game so easy.

In the action levels, which are few, you'll usually control only one of the three friends as they try to complete a linear dungeon filled with easy puzzles and the occasional monster. Harry gets to use the glacius spell to freeze water and slide down it in a sort of pseudo-race sequence; Ron can use his carpe retractum spell to pull blocks around and also grapple across large gaps; and Hermione can use lapifors and draconifors to take temporary control of a rabbit and a dragon, respectively, for the purpose of puzzle-solving. Sometimes you'll engage in combat or encounter a puzzle outside these dungeons when your friends are close by, and they'll help you fight it out or cast combo spells automatically in these instances.

Prisoner of Azkaban's action levels are tied together by a hub level that literally lets you run around the halls of Hogwarts. There are a few extra activities you can engage in between levels, such as collecting around 80 cards that show you famous wizards and monsters and playing three short minigames in which you ride the hippogriff Buckbeak, fight off a swarm of pixies, or do battle with The Monster Book of Monsters. You can also purchase passwords that let you access minor new areas in the castle from the joke shop run by Ron's brothers, Fred and George. The game is always hurrying you off from one

action event to the next, though, so you never really feel like you've got a chance to stop and just explore. After you've completed all the story elements, however, you'll have the chance to roam about and finish up all the side tasks you missed the first time through.

Free download game : Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Developer Revolution Software really understands the adventure genre and capitalizes on its strengths in Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon.

-An epic narrative from Europe’s master interactive storytellers -
-Revolution Software
-Stunning graphics delivered by a radical new graphic engine
-Wholly intuitive direct control interface – fresh gameplay with keyboard and mouse navigation for full control of the character.
-Movie quality script and voice acting, with facial animation choreographed by Revolution’s proprietary Virtual Actor Engine.

Adventure games are one of the oldest PC game genres and also one of the most conservative. When the genre evolves, it's usually at a glacial pace. That's why it's really refreshing to play a game like Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. It's not hugely innovative, and it has its share of faults, but its particular blend of features nevertheless gives it a fresh, fun feel. Just as importantly, developer Revolution Software really understands the adventure genre and capitalizes on its strengths. You'll unravel a colorful, witty yarn filled with lovable characters, dramatic encounters, sharp dialogue, and exotic locales.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon is a loose sequel. The first game in the series, called Circle of Blood in the US and Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars in Europe, came out on the PC back in 1996. The second game, Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror, arrived in 1997. The six-year wait for the latest game, which marks the series' transition from 2D to 3D, sure paid off. If nothing else, Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon wins high points for style, often looking like a slickly directed animated film. Vibrant colors, expressive lead characters, and detailed settings all draw you into the game.

In fact, the parallels to an animated film show up right from the start of the game. After a dark and mysterious prologue, you see series hero George Stobbart soaring in a plane over the lush jungles of the Congo. With a heroic orchestral theme building excitement and well-chosen camera angles adding visual drama, it almost feels like you're sitting in a theater watching the beginning of a film. This Indiana Jones-style scene hits all the right buttons; everything about the game says "high adventure" right from the start.

Installation Notes:
Just extract the archives and burn the .cue file with your favorite CD-Recording software. Rest been precracked.

15 August 2008

Battlefield 2142 - Prima Official Game Guide

Battlefield 2142 takes you into the far future, for all-new warfare in a world that's familiar but still different. As a new ice age depletes the planet's resources, two multinational coalitions wage a brutal war for the only cause that matters - survival. Armed with devastating futuristic weaponry and gear, plus Battle Walkers and vast airborne bases called Titans, you must coordinate the efforts to win the war for Earth's last fragile pieces of livable land.



Free game : Tom & Jerry 3D

It's the ultimate game of cat & mouse! Combines classic Tom & Jerry madcap strategy, head to head combat and slapstick antics in a unique game designed for kids who like fast action.

* Tom & Jerry in 3D for the first time on PC.
* Battle with 8 different characters
* Play in 1 player or 2 player mode
* Tons of objects to use as weapons against your opponent
* Play in 9 classic 3D cartoon environments
* 3D view with realistic camera movement
* Play as one of the most famous cartoon characters ever!

14 August 2008

Game for Fun

Mr. Ogre ...

Battle of ... Hallo?

Elite Warriors: Vietnam game for PC

The Vietnam War's most highly classified special operations were performed by the Studies and Observations Group. Consisting primarily of U.S. Army Special Forces “Green Berets,” SOG warriors fought top secret missions deep behind enemy lines. Infiltrate deep into Laos with your Green Beret and Montagnard teammates, hunted by trackers and bloodhounds, outnumbered at times 100-to-1. Rescue downed pilots, ambush convoys, seize enemy prisoners, discover targets for air attacks, and direct air strikes. See why SOG veterans went on to found Delta Force and in the work of secret operations, remain stuff of legends.

13 August 2008

Free for PC : IL 2 Sturmovik: Forgotten BattLes

This expansion package for Russian developer Maddox Games' World War II flight combat simulator brings enhancements and new missions to the game. A spotlight is cast on the infamous Battle of Brittan, in which the addon allows players to fly for the British, German, or Italian forces.

11 August 2008

Game for PC : The Devil Inside

This is a third-person horror game in which you are Dave a hero with a dark secret who also happens to be the star of a television show called "The Devil Inside" One new feature is that you have to bother about pleasing the audience, by shooting zombies and other undead. Dave also has a female devil lurking inside him called Deva and you have to play as her in some levels. The graphics are dark and detailed, and the TV static and music all add to the mood. At one moment it's foreboding and scary, and then it's like a game show again.


08 August 2008

Free PC game - Bee Movie the game !

From the makers of "Shrek" and "Madagascar" comes the next DreamWorks Animation film, "Bee Movie" written, produced, and starring Jerry Seinfeld. "Bee Movie" Game offers a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience, as you play Barry B. Benson in this pulse-pounding adventure from the never-before-seen perspective of a bee. Try your hand at racing cars, chasing targets, flying at high speed and more. As Barry B. Benson, you are on a journey to save the bee's production of honey that takes you to New York City and beyond. Master the hustle of the hive and venture outside the hive to navigate the hazards and excitement of the outside world. Are you fly ... er, bee enough?

05 August 2008

Free for PC : Take Command: 2nd Manassas

2nd Manassas puts players into the second year of the American Civil War, during the 2nd Manassas campaign, naturally. The campaign, which lasted from July to early September in 1862, was host to several major Civil War battles, like Cedar Mountain, Chantilly/Ox Hill, and of course, 2nd Manassas.

You are put into the role of the Commander, ordering around troops and regiments ranging from 100 up to 60,000 men, depending on the battle. You can play as either the Union forces or the Confederate Army, exploring the battlefield and determining the best possible offensive or defensive venues to guarantee your side success.

Gameplaywise, 2nd Manassas feels pretty similar to Mad Minute’s previous entry to the historical Civil War battles sub-genre, Take Command: Bull Run. There are a few additions and changes to the formula, like new units, but generally the game feels very similar.

The main focus of 2nd Manassas is on the strategy of the battlefield as opposed to the actual battle. You arrange your units and set them up to win the skirmish, as positioning is key to victory in this game. The game is painfully meticulous in this regard, and the pace is actually quite slow and deliberate. While gamers who are very into the idea of a deliberate war sim will definitely enjoy, most players who’ve been weaned on more action oriented fare will probably get a little frustrated with the long battles and slow pace.

The graphics are okay, but certainly won’t flex your PC’s muscles in the slightest. The game is composed of 2D sprites over a 3D battleground, and while the sprites move fluidly enough, the look feels very juxtaposed. Also, the backgrounds are pretty much lacking in detail. There are a few elements like houses and trees to try to give the field a bit more realism, but the terrain is devoid of realistic details and the explosion effects aren’t too great.

The sound fares pretty well, with a nice score that fits the mood of the game nicely. The battlefield sounds are what you’d expect from large-scale battles, with cannons firing, guns popping and troops yelling.

Take Command: 2nd Manassas is a very deep Civil War sim, with a great degree of realism and a focus on the move strategic elements of the battlefield. While the slow pace may turn off a few gamers, those who the game is geared towards will certainly enjoy it.

02 August 2008

Free game : Scooby-Doo: Lights Camera Action Mystery

Scooby-Doo: Lights Camera Action Mystery brings back Scooby and the gang for an all-new 21st century adventure. Mystery Inc. comes into the new millennium with classic crime-solving antics & new mystery solving devices and high-tech gadgetry. Touring all kinds of exotic locations, the gang finds themselves in the middle of four cartoon capers and creepy crime scenes. Yikes! Join Scooby, Shaggy and those meddling kids in this action packed compilation - it's like way cool man!