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10 April 2008

Free Download : Classic Mystery Game

Hidden object games aren't hard to find. From the superb Mystery Case Files series to occasional gems like Little Shop Of Treasures, they're everywhere. Finding a GOOD item hunting game is another matter altogether, so let me clue you in on one of the best hidden object games to come along in recent times: Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile from Oberon Games.

In Death on the Nile, you're cast as detective Hercule Poirot, central character of the classic Agatha Christie novel on which the game is based. Poirot must solve the murder of a newlywed killed while on vacation on a luxury cruise ship sailing down the Nile. This involves searching for clues, questioning suspects and examining evidence. As in most hidden object games, you're given lists of items to find before time runs out. Some objects contain clues that can help you crack the case. Each level, or investigation, ends with a bonus round in which you must solve a brainteaser related to the evidence you've gathered, such as a tile-matching challenge or a lock puzzle.

The connection in Death on the Nile between the objects you find and the storyline is stronger than in other object hunting games. What's more, the art direction is excellent, with crisp visuals that draw you into an elaborate early 20th century world. A few items are hard to make out, but that's the only complaint I can muster about this otherwise outstanding effort from Oberon.


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